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Why BOARD SEARCH: future-oriented


Because we..

The Supervisory Board as driving force for a prosperous enterprise development, guarantees future-oriented thinking and action.

An excellent board of directors characterises a Top Enterprise.

It provides company value increase, prosperity and helps to prevent expensive business flops.

Your business will benefit disproportionally from the investment in a good picking of board members.


Board member search: “fair weather decision for rainy days”

Crucial for the search for appropriate and independent board members/advisory councils is the consideration of crises. Similar to mountaineering, it is important to predict the storm event. Often the decision for certain board members occurs as a fair weather decision. This quality shows particularly in the crisis event. Sudden shifts of business conditions or changes in the business scenario challenge every Board of Directors. It is beneficial to keep this point of view and the requested qualifications in mind when coming to pick board members.

BOARD SEARCH understands itself as a bridge in the understanding of old fashioned board members / honorary officers and a new generation of board members who are most of all independent and well qualified:


The “new” type of board member, counsellor, etc. is characterised by their unbiased perspective and their lack of conflicts of interest of any kind. This is not a matter of physical age, but of attitude and mindset towards the assignment and how the mandate should be carried out. The financial and personal dependence fuel the required equidistance to the company. If no other dependences influence their decisions, the board member can face the CEO on an equal level and pursue together the highest goal, the prosperity of the venture.


The greatest minds for your board: Is your board set up as good as your company? Can you afford not to have the best in your top board? Ever more organisations realize: business prosperity and a professional board are a key to success. Significantly increased requirements and acute liabilities require a high qualification in professional and personal terms.